About us

KNEECARES is a highly specialized centre for the treatment of complex knee disorders, providing world-class, evidence-based joint replacement and sports medicine services. By focusing solely on these medical specialities, we have become truly exceptional at what we do and achieved a reputation for excellence across India and Internationally.

We are passionate about pushing the boundaries of knee surgery and sports medicine and achieving new standards for clinical excellence. We know that the way to achieve a world-class centre of excellence is through super-specialism, dedicating resources and expertise to one area of medicine.  

This enables us to achieve the best possible outcome for each of the patients we treat every year, from elite and amateur athletes to those with chronic arthritis and orthopaedic injuries.

Our Vision

To be recognized nationally and internationally as a centre of excellence in the treatment and prevention of knee disorders, through innovative techniques, quality research, education and professional training.

Our Mission

Our Goal Is Making Your Goals Happen

We assist our patients to achieve their maximum performance and full potential. We want every patient to experience exceptional care with us, where we understand their goals, anticipate their needs and tailor care around them. We combine the latest advanced technologies with our knowledge and experience to prevent and treat complex knee disorders. 

Our Values

We build trust through loyalty, honesty, ethical standards, and fairness. Never take advantage of a privileged position for personal gain. For our patients, KNEECARES means access to world-class joint replacement and sports medicine, easily, effortlessly and with compassion at every step.

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